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Amenities Use Policy Amenities
Architectural Review Requirements ARC
Construction Approval Forms ARC
Guidelines for Real Estate Gate Codes and Signage ARC
Home Additions - Renovations Approval Form ARC
Neighborhood Appearance Policies ARC
Application for Boat Watercraft RV Storage Space Boat Storage
Boat PWC RV Storage Lot Rules Boat Storage
Application for One-Day Clubhouse Reservation Clubhouse
Application for Three-Day Wedding Clubhouse Reservation Clubhouse
Clubhouse Rules and Standards Clubhouse
Tennis & Pickleball Court Standards Courts
Quick Guide for Emergency Response Firewise
By-Laws for the Springs at High RockBy-Laws of the Springs at High Rock Homeowners Association, Inc. Official Documents
Complete File of All 17 CovenantsRestrictive covenants on file with the Davidson County Deeds and Records Office Official Documents
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and RestrictionsRestrictive Covenant #2 edited for publication Official Documents
Declaration of Restrictive CovenantsRestrictive Covenant #1 edited for publication Official Documents
Quick Reference Guide to the 17 Restrictive Covenants Official Documents
Tranquility Lakes Restrictive CovenantsRestrictive Covenant #17 edited for publication Official Documents
Application For Overnight Mooring at Dock 2 Or 3 Piers
Community Dock Regulations Piers
Pool-Access-Proximity-Card-Application-and-Rules Pool/Hot Tub
Pool-Hot-Tub-Standards Pool/Hot Tub
Neighborhood Watch General Information Security
Security Strategic Plan Security
Regulating Airbnb and Related Short-Term Rentals in Community and Condominium Associations Short-Term Rentals
FORM for Updating of The Springs at High Rock Private Homeowners Directory FOR THOSE NOT CURRENTLY LISTED Springs' Directory
Resident Quick Reference Guide The Springs