The Security Team

The Security Team is responsible for making our gated community as safe as possible. Several programs have been initiated since taking over this responsibility from the developer. Most importantly, we are working with the Sheriff’s Department, and they have agreed to make their presence much more visible with frequent road patrols and gate monitoring at nightfall.

Also, the committee has better secured the front gate with private code numbers, distributed community car sticker ID’s and installed security cameras (see the frequently asked questions for what needs a sticker/decal and how to obtain them). A Neighborhood Watch program is also in place. Your committee wishes to remind everybody that if you see something suspicious, please call the Sheriff’s Department at 336-249-0131 or 911 for a quicker response.

Contact the Security Team.

Vehicle Decals


We offer vehicle decals that are unique to The Springs community. The decals help all of us recognize fellow property owners, and they provide another layer of security. Decals are only for vehicles normally parked inside the community and are only available to residents and lot owners. Each decal is registered to the property owner by license plate (for cars and trucks) or vehicle make and model (for unlicensed items such as ATVs). You can mix decal types, subject to the limits below. Note: Guests and visitors are not eligible for decals

There are 2 types of decals:

Decals are distributed per household for full- and part-time residents regardless of the number of additional unimproved lots owned, and per owner for unimproved lots regardless of the number of additional unimproved lots owned, as follows:

To request decals, contact Security with the following info:

  1. Number of decals needed, by Type A and/or B
  2. For each decal going on a licensed vehicle, provide the license plate and state
  3. For each decal going on an unlicensed item, provide the make and model (e.g., Polaris Ranger ATV)

We ask all property owners to be diligent in ensuring no one tailgates you through the gate unless you recognize them or see their decal. Each of us has a vested interest in maintaining the safety, security, and privacy of our community. Your support and cooperation are not only needed, but greatly appreciated!

Front Gate Access Codes

All property owners receive a 3-digit directory code. This code can be given to friends, guests, service personnel, etc. Visitors need only enter the code into the keypad to call you. Upon receiving the call from the front gate, you simply need to press the 9 key on your phone. The gate will open, and the line will disconnect. If you do not know your directory code, contact the Security Team.

Limited-access gate codes are provided to Day Workers, realtors, contractors, builders, and delivery services (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS). If service personnel are coming to your home when you can’t answer a call from the gate, please request the current Day Worker code, which changes quarterly.

Access procedures for open houses and property sales are described in Real Estate and Open House Guidelines on the Downloads page. When the clubhouse is rented for events, our event coordinator provides the sponsor a temporary gate access code.

Front Gate Access Remotes

As an added convenience, the HOA offers optional gate opener remotes, at cost. The Springs remote is a key fob style that fits your key ring, or you can use the included visor clip to attach it to your vehicle’s sun visor.

Full-time and part-time residents are allowed up to 4 remotes per household. Lot owners are allowed up to 2 remotes regardless of the number of lots/properties owned. Costs for each are:

Key Fob Remote with Visor Clip – $30.00
Mailing fee – $8.55 (per order, only if mailed)

To purchase remotes, write a check payable to “Springs at High Rock HOA” and mail it to:

The Springs at High Rock HOA
PO Box 1226
Denton, NC 27239-1226

After receiving your check, we make arrangements for delivery. If you live in The Springs, we can place them in your mailbox or newspaper tube and notify you of delivery. Otherwise, they will be mailed by USPS Priority Mail for the current small flat rate box fee ($8.55 as of January, 2024).

These remotes use an encrypted signal to communicate to the gate and cannot be programmed into your vehicle’s HomeLink buttons. Also, only remotes bought from the HOA will be programmed to operate The Springs gate. This ensures the gate system isn’t compromised by clones, counterfeits, or infected remotes.

The purchase of a remote does not affect your 3-digit directory code.

We ask all property owners to be diligent in ensuring no one tailgates you through the gate unless you recognize them or see a Springs decal on their vehicle. Each of us has a vested interest in maintaining the safety, security, and privacy of our community. Your support and cooperation are not only needed, but greatly appreciated.

Neighborhood Watch

The Security Committee would like to remind all residents that they are the first line of defense against criminal activity in the community. Working with the Firewise program we strive to make the community a safe place to live.

Please refer to the below document for additional neighborhood watch information.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention partnership program where law enforcement and community members work together to keep neighborhoods safe and improve their quality of life. Community members are empowered with education and encouraged to use common sense to safely serve as an additional set of “eyes and ears” for law enforcement and for their neighbors. One of the most important goals is to create an environment where people care about each other and their community, and crime opportunities are reduced as a result.

When Should I Call the Sheriff’s Department?

If I Need to Call the Sheriff, When Should I Use 9-1-1?

When Should I Use the Non-Emergency Sheriff’s Number (336) 242-2105?

When I Do Call the Sheriff, What Should I Say?

When Should I Contact My Property Management Company?

Cedar Management Group
Post Office Box 26844
Charlotte, NC 28221

704-644-8808 **
Toll-Free: 877-25-CEDAR (23327) **
Fax: 704-509-2429

**Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Animal Control

The Davidson County Sheriff’s office is responsible for all animal control issues. They can be contacted at 336-249-0131. Be aware you may be redirected for some calls related to wildlife.

For vicious animals or animal bites use 911.

Important Phone Numbers and Website Links

American Red Cross, High Point-Thomasville Chapter – 336-885-9121

Cedar Management Group – 877-252-3327

Davidson County Animal Shelter – 336-357-0805

Electrical Outages – 800-EUNITED (386-4833)


Federal Trade Commission (Identity Theft Information)

FEMA (Emergency Preparedness Information)

Fire (General Questions) – 336-859-4409

Poison Control – 800-222-1222

Sheriff (Non-Emergency) – 336-242-2100 (8:00 AM -5:00 PM)

Sheriff (Non-Emergency) – 336-249-0131 (24-hour)

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Yadkin (Marshal Olson – Dock Issues) – 704-422-5622