Cedar Management

All questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to Cedar Management who will, in turn, send them to the responsible contact at The Springs.

Association Dues and Billing: Cedar Management bills in December for the next year. The annual assessment payable by each owner is $820.00 per lot per calendar year. There are three payment options: annual payment of $820, semi-annual payments of $415, and quarterly payments of $210. For a fee, Cedar Management will arrange for credit card payments. You can see your account information online using the Web Portal found on the top right of your invoice from Cedar Management. Pay annual dues to:

Cedar Management Group
The Springs at High Rock HOA
PO Box 26844
Charlotte, NC 28221

Office: (704) 644-8808
Toll-Free: (877) 252-3327
Fax: (704) 509-2429

New Property Owner Transfer Fee: Cedar Management charges $195.00 to verify ownership and process a new property owner into their system. Please contact Cedar Management for a more detailed explanation of this fee.

Email: support@cedarmanagementgroup.com