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Q. ADVERTISING It would be great to have a property for sale section – is that possible? A. At this time, we are not able to list properties that are for sale in our newsletter. Our website is maintained by volunteers. It is not commercial. Verifying, posting, and continuously updating realty listings should be done by a professional realtor.  However, our website has a community blog page for property owners only on which you may post your property that is for sale.  You can register for the blog from our website’s Home page of our website.  Click “Off the Cuff” from the menu on the left of the page.

Q. ANIMAL BITES AND STRAYS: Whom do I contact about an animal control issue? A. The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all animal control issues. They can be contacted at 336-249-0131. Be aware you may be redirected for some calls related to wildlife. For vicious animals and animal bites dial 911.

Q. BLOG: Does the community have a blog? A. Our blog, Off the Cuff, is open to all Springs property owners in good standing. If you would like to set up a user account, please contact the Web Committee and HOA Communications with your name and email address, the lot and phase number of your property, and the username and password you would like to use to log in. Please do not use an email address as your username.

Q. BOAT STORAGE CODES: How do I access the boat storage facility? A. The Infrastructure and Roads Committee distributes the lock code for the storage area.  Please contact the committee to obtain the current code.

Q. BOAT STORAGE LOCK: How do I correctly engage the boat storage lock? A. Follow these instructions:

  1. The 4-digit combination should line up at the TOP of the lock, not the center.
  2. Once the numbers are lined up properly, pull firmly down on the lock.
  3. Turn the top of the lock to the “out” position to prevent inadvertent lock engagement and/or jamming.
  4. To lock, turn the top of the lock back into position, push the lock in, THEN turn the tumblers.
  5. Make sure the tumblers are turned so that no combination number is visible.
  6. Pull down hard on the lock to ensure it is fully engaged.

If you have questions, email the Infrastructure and Roads Committee.

Q. BOAT STORAGE RULES: What are the rules for storing my boat/watercraft/trailer in the storage yard? A. The Boat/Watercraft Storage Yard Rules are on the Document Downloads page of our website.  Any approved items stored here will need a decal. Download the Application for Boat/Watercraft/Trailer Decal from our website’s Document Downloads page and print it. Email the completed application to the Infrastructure And Roads Committee.

Q. CLUBHOUSE FACILITIES USE WHEN RESERVED: May I use the pool, hot tub and tennis/pickle ball courts when the clubhouse is reserved for a private event? A. Yes, all resident may use the pool, hot tub, and tennis/pickleball courts when the clubhouse is reserved for a private event. However, the clubhouse deck is considered part of the reservation agreement and is not available for general use while a private event is in progress. The clubhouse reservation agreement does not include use of the pool, hot tub and tennis/pickleball courts.

Q. CLUBHOUSE FACILITIES GENERAL USAGE: Who may use the clubhouse and adjoining facilities? A. All owners have the right to use the pool, hot tub, tennis/pickleball courts and the clubhouse deck as long as they are in good standing. However, if the clubhouse is reserved, its deck is not available for general use. Guests must be accompanied by an owner at all times. Please contact the Security Committee for information on obtaining a facilities usage pass.

Q. CLUBHOUSE POOL/HOT TUB USE: IMMEDIATE FAMILY Property owners in good standing and their immediate family are permitted to use the pool and/or hot tub during posted hours.  Who are considered immediate family? A. Immediate family is defined in our Pool/Hot Tub Standards on our Document Downloads page.

Q. CLUBHOUSE AVAILABILITY: I would like to have an event at the clubhouse. How do I know if it is available for the date I want? A. Please see the Events Calendar and you will find all upcoming events as well as when the clubhouse is reserved.

Q. CLUBHOUSE RESERVATION CONTRACT: How do I reserve the clubhouse? A. You must be a property owner in The Springs to reserve the clubhouse. Item 1 of the Application for Clubhouse Reservation Agreement states that to reserve the clubhouse the applicant must be “a property owner in good standing within the Association. ‘Good standing’ is defined as having no unpaid dues, late charges, or fine assessments and not having been denied access to the facilities for previous misuse.” See the Application for Clubhouse Reservation Agreement on our website’s Document Downloads page for more information.

Q. CLUBHOUSE ACCESS: How do I show my guests the inside of the clubhouse? A. We do not leave the clubhouse open for security purposes. It is open only when reserved or for special events. Generally, one of the best parts of the clubhouse is the view. It is very easy to see the inside through the doors and windows from the deck.

Q. CONSTRUCTION: I may not be remembering correctly, but believe that in my initial review of the construction covenants it stated only wood frame construction was permitted. If this is correct, has there been any challenge to that by someone wanting to build a foam & cement house like Integrespec builds? A. Please email the ARC Committee for an answer to your question.

Q.DECALS: VEHICLE AND BOAT STORAGE: What is the difference? A. Vehicle windshield decals are for your vehicles and are not mandatory, but we encourage you to use them if you are parking at any Springs facility as they identify you as a property owner. The vehicle decals go inside the windshield on the driver’s side as low as possible (where the inspection stickers went). The Security Committee is responsible for vehicle decal distribution. Boat storage lot decals are for a boat and trailer or any other approved item you wish to store in the boat storage area or use at any of our facilities. You will need a decal for each item. Print a copy of the Application for Boat-Watercraft-Trailer Decal from our website’s Document Downloads page and email the completed form to the Infrastructure and Roads Committee or mail to The Springs HOA, PO Box 1226, Denton, NC 27239.

Q. DOCKS: What are the rules for using the three community docks? A. The Community Dock Regulations can be found on our Document Downloads page under “Piers.”

Q. DUES AND BILLING: When do I pay my HOA dues? The Cedar Management page of our website has complete information on annual assessments. Please email the HOA Board of Directors if you have any questions.

Q. EVACUATION EXIT SIGNS: What are the yellow flags I have in my mailbox? A. In case of a mandatory community evacuation, as you are leaving your home, take the sign out of your mailbox and hang it on the mailbox flag post. This is a quick and easy signal that your home is empty and you have exited the neighborhood.  It will save local fire and law enforcement personnel valuable time when they are checking to make sure that homes are empty and no one has been left behind.

Q. FENCING: Does The Springs have regulations for fencing? A. Regulations for fences are covered in the document ARC Requirements on our Document Downloads page.

Q. FRONT GATE CODES: How do I get a front gate access code? What is the difference between my personal access code and the 3-digit dialing code used by the system at the front gate? A. Front Gate Personal Access Codes: The Security Committee maintains the data base for the front gate. It also issues the 4-digit personal access codes. Your personal 4-digit access code should never be given to anyone except immediate family residing in your home. Please email the Security Committee to obtain your personal access code or if you have forgotten your personal access code. 3-Digit Access Codes: Your 3-digit dialing code may be given to friends and visitors. It can be obtained by scrolling to your name on the display at the gate. Visitors need only enter the code into the keypad (without using the # sign) to call your home. Upon receiving the call from the front gate you simply need to press the 9 key (for at least 2 seconds) on your home phone. The gate will then open and the line will disconnect. If you do not know your 3-digit dialing code or you want to have your name added to the display board, contact the Security Committee. Additional information can be accessed via the Security menu on the Home page.

Q. FRONT GATE CODES FOR REALTORS Q. How does my realtor get a gate access code to show my home or lot and to conduct an open house? A. The Real Estate and Open House Guidelines document on our website’s Document Downloads page explains how to obtain a gate code when your lot or home is listed for sale and when your realtor is conducting an open house.

Q. FRONT GATE EXTENDED ENTRANCE FOR EVENTS: If I have an event in The Springs, how do I handle the gate issue? A. Access procedures for open houses and property sales are described in Real Estate and Open House Guidelines on the Document Downloads page. When the clubhouse is rented for events, the renter will be contacted by our event coordinator to receive a temporary gate access code.

Q. HOA BOARD QUESTIONS: How do I contact the HOA Board? A. You may email the HOA Board of Directors.

Q. HOA BOARD MEMBERS AND MEETINGS: Who is on current board and when does the board meet? A. The current HOA Board of Directors members and the members of all committees at The Springs can be found on the Committees page of our website. The HOA Board will meet at least quarterly with additional meetings as required. The dates will be posted on the web site at least two weeks in advance. All meetings will begin with a limited open forum for property owners. Summaries of the meetings are posted the following month, upon Board approval, to Meeting Minutes.

Q. INTERNET / BROADBAND: What Internet/broadband services are available at The Springs? A. Windstream high-speed internet is available to residents. If you have questions about any of the Windstream service features, please contact Macky Tajik:
(704) 724-7800 or mailto:Mahkameh.Tajik@windstream.com.

Q. LOSS ASSESSMENT INSURANCE COVERAGE: What is loss assessment coverage? A. When you belong to a homeowner’s association where all members collectively own property, such as roads, tennis courts, pools, clubhouses, etc., and that property suffers damage, the homeowner’s association may issue a loss assessment on the members to pay for the damages. For example, what if the community clubhouse’s roof is damaged by hail and needs to be replaced? If for some reason the homeowner’s association’s property insurance doesn’t pay, the homeowners association will assess each homeowner a portion of the repairs. Homeowner’s policies typically provide a small amount of coverage for such loss assessments, with additional amounts available by endorsement for a nominal additional premium.

Q. MAILBOXES: What are the requirements for  mailboxes in The Springs, and where can I purchase one? A. Item #33 in the document entitled ARC Requirements discusses mailboxes and may be found  on our website’s Document Downloads page.

Q. NEWSPAPERS: What newspapers are available in this area?  A. Several newspapers that are available at The Springs are listed on our Area Information page.  Delivery options vary from publication to publication and may include home via carrier/USPS or online.

Q. PARKING: After launching my boat at the community boat launch, where do I park my trailer, as there are only “individual car” spaces available due to the new yellow lines painted on the black top? A. Item #35 of the Community Dock Regulations on our website’s Document Downloads page answers your question in complete detail. The trailer may be placed in the boat storage area (it will need a Springs sticker) or park it on your property.

Q. PHONE NUMBERS – EMERGENCY AND OTHER HELPFUL CONTACTS: What are some phone numbers I might need? A. Animal Control Issues: Contact the Davidson County Sheriff’s office at 336-249-0131. Be aware you may be redirected for some calls related to wildlife. Davidson County Animal Shelter: 336-357-0805 Vicious animals or animal bites, use 911 Electrical Outages: 800-EUNITED (386-4833) EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 Fire (General Questions): 336-859-4409 Poison Control: 800-222-1222 Sheriff (General Questions): 336-242-2105 Sheriff (Non-Emergency): 336-249-0131 Yadkin (Marshal Olson – Dock Issues): 704-422-5622

Q. POOL AND HOT TUB: What hours are the pool and hot tub open? A. Weather permitting, the pool and hot tub are open daily from 10 AM to sunset. Opening and closing dates of the pool and hot tub vary each season depending on the weather and will be posted in our newsletter. How do I get an entry card for the pool and hot tub? A. Proximity Cards are issued by the Recreational Facilities Committee. The Pool Access Proximity Card Rules and Application document is available on the Document Downloads page of the HOA website. Download and complete the application and submit it to the Recreational Facilities Committee as directed on the form.

Q. SECURITY TIPS: Does the Security Committee have any tips for property owners? A. Yes.  They are below. #1. Most of you know that guests can look up your name on the display at the gate. Associated with your name is a three-digit “directory code” that they can enter. It rings your home phone and you dial “9” to buzz them in. That usually works fine, but many times the guests have a problem finding your name on the screen. Also, some residents have chosen not to display their name. You may find it easier to familiarize yourself with your directory code and begin giving that code to your guests, family, etc. so that they can have it handy and enter it without having to look up your name. It’s much faster and can make a difference in bad weather. So next time you go by the gate, look up your code and jot it down. If your name isn’t on the display, contact the Security Committee and we can provide you with your personal directory code.

Q. SIGNS – FOR SALE AND OPEN HOUSE Q. Do we have requirements for real estate For Sale and Open House signs? A. The guidelines for both including the type of signs, where to get them, and how they may be displayed are outlined in the Real Estate and Open House Guidelines document on our website’s Document Downloads page.

Q. TRASH COLLECTION: What trash collection service is used in The Springs and what day do they pick up? A. GFL Environmental collects trash weekly each Tuesday in The Springs. Contact them at 336-668-3712. Trash and items to be recycled may also be taken to several recycling centers in Davidson County: Davidson County Recycling Centers