January 5, 2023

The HOA keeps the land cleared on both sides of our roads. This creates a fire break to prevent flames from jumping from one side of a road to the other. It also gives the fire department room to deploy equipment and put out flames before they spread. However, there are a few sections on Rocky Cove Lane and large sections at the top of High Rock Mountain where clearing the HOA right of way is not enough to create a good firebreak. These areas can be endangered from flames on two sides, either from a fire burning up from the lake or from the back side of the mountain.

The problem is that, past the cleared HOA right of way, there are many lots covered with fuel to intensify a fire and cause it to jump the road more easily. This fuel is deadwood on the ground and pines that ignite like torches. The pictures below show two of many examples.



The tree canopy in our hardwood forest does not allow pines to grow beneath. However, when the forest was cleared of trees to build our roads, open areas allowed pines to take hold, which is why there are so many of them fronting lots.

We have received a grant through the North Carolina Forestry Service to address the danger of both deadwood and the pines. At no cost to the association or to owners, they will clear all deadwood and any pines thirty feet back into the lot. What they clear will be either hauled away or very finely chipped. Standing hardwood trees will not be touched. If a lot owner agrees to participate, they will reap many benefits. Their lot will be protected from fire jumping the road and protect other lots and homes. They will make it easier and less dangerous for firefighters to douse a blaze early on. The front of their lot will be more open and attractive.

This is a one-time opportunity. Below is a two-page PDF file containing a list, by lot and address, of those lots eligible on Sierra Trace Road, West Sirocco Drive, Mistral Lane, and Rocky Cove Lane. If your lot is listed, email Bruce Fleming,, and state “I agree to participate in firebreak clearing.” Also provide your name, lot number, street address, and a contact phone number. You will later be notified when the firebreak clearing is going to take place.

Firebreak Lot Clearing
An updated version of the above Firebreak Lot Clearing chart is in our current newsletter, November 19, 2023.

Firewise: Bruce Fleming