Gate Opener Remotes – How To Change The Batteries

Is your remote acting sluggish, taking longer to open the gate? Depending on usage, the battery lasts about 18 months, so it may be time to replace it. The best way to tell is to use a battery tester to see if it’s at least 9V. Less than that will still light up the remote’s red LED, but it may not transmit enough signal for the gate opener antenna to pick it up.


Battery replacement is simple, but pay close attention to the diagrams to ensure the polarity is correct. Equivalent batteries have different names depending on the manufacturer, but these will work, among others: A21, 21A, 21/23, A23, 23A, GP23A, V23GA, and MN21.


Fred Spin will change your battery for you for a donation of $12, made payable by check to the HOA. Place your remote and the check, along with a note containing your name, address, and cell phone number, in an envelope with your name on the outside in his mailbox at 1216 Rocky Cove. Fred will text you when he is ready to deliver your remote to you. 

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