Road Repair

Please be advised that beginning Thursday, November 7, 2019, Everhart Paving will be on-site to begin much-needed repairs to our roads. This work will include the sealing of a significant number of cracks in the asphalt pavement. This repair work will reduce the weathering effects we encounter on the asphalt pavement, ultimately increasing the life span of our roads. The repair crew is expected to complete the work in two phases, the first being November 7-8, weather permitting, covering many of our cul-de-sacs and secondary roads. The second phase will commence once the back-fill project is complete at the tennis courts and will cover the remaining primary roads throughout our community including, but not limited to, Sierra Trace Road, Healing Springs Drive, Rocky Cove Lane, Pinnacle Trail, and Palisades Trail. A completion date for the project is still to be determined.

Please be cautious and travel within the posted speed limit when traveling within the community during this period to increase the safety of not only yourself but also the repair crew. You may be asked to pause your travels for a moment so the crew can finish the crack repair they may be working on as you approach. Thank you for your patience while the Infrastructure and Roads Committee continues its efforts to improve and maintain our beautiful community.

Lisa Castronova: Infrastructure and Roads Committee