Procedure for Reserving the Clubhouse

First and foremost, the gatekeeper for any community use of the clubhouse is Bill Conrad (336-250-1651). Contact him directly with requests to reserve the facility.

HOA committees or board-sanctioned activities that wish to use the clubhouse for meetings should appoint someone to notify Mr. Conrad when they plan to meet. If it is a regularly-scheduled event, once per year is enough; if the day or time of the event varies, Mr. Conrad should be notified for each reservation.

The procedure for members in-good-standing wishing to reserve the clubhouse for private parties is:

  1. Check the Events Calendar on our website ( to see if the date and time you want are available.
  2. If the clubhouse is available, review two documents on the Document Downloads page of our website, Clubhouse Rules/Standards and Application for Clubhouse Reservation Agreement.
  3. Print and complete the seven-page Application for Clubhouse Reservations Agreement.
  4. Telephone Mr. Conrad (336-250-1651) and make an appointment to personally deliver to him the completed seven-page agreement, the reservation check, and a separate deposit check. (Bill Conrad has been instructed not to take reservations over the telephone.)
  5. Only when the clubhouse contract and both checks are in Bill’s possession, and only then, can you assume you may use the clubhouse within the time frame of your reservation agreement.

Please do not try to give the application and checks to anyone but Bill. Members of the HOA Board of Directors, the RFC, and the Communications Committee cannot accept them.

Finally, in an effort to keep the parties safe and to minimize wear and tear on the clubhouse facility, we have several rules for clubhouse use for private parties. Two are very important, and if broken, could result in automatic forfeiture of your deposit. The first, one adult HOA member of the rental agreement must be present at all times and be responsible for the actions of all guests, caterers, and any service personnel when they are in the clubhouse. Second, if a member rents the clubhouse, his guests may not use the pool or tennis courts. We prefer that this rule apply to the member’s family, as well.

Your HOA board regrets that the procedure for reserving the clubhouse has to be so rigid, but we worry that if the rules are not strictly adhered to by all parties, a resulting conflict could ruin a once-in-a-lifetime birthday, anniversary, or wedding reception. Thus, in fairness to all, please adhere to the established protocol.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Curtis Ish: HOA Board of Directors