Pickleball 101 – What you need to know.

Get Ready to Volley – Pickleball 101
Reminder for registrants

Sally Barnhart plans to serve a delightful Intro to Pickleball class on Saturday, June 1 starting at 9AM. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis/court shoes. Bring a paddle if you have one. If you don’t, one will be provided. Water will be provided too.

Two resources to review ahead of time:
Master the Basics : https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/master-the-basics/
Pickleball 4 All : https://www.tmpickleball.com/documents/PB4All%20Manual_Pickleball%20Play.pdf

If your plans change and you are unable to attend, contact Sally at 704-904-1339.

What will be covered:


Session Goals
1. Learn the basic skills of pickleball
2. Understand the basic rules of pickleball
3. Learn how to keep score
4. Be able to play the game

1. Sports safety glasses are recommended.
2. Adequate warmup and cool down
3. Adequate hydration before, during and after play
4. Awareness of possible obstructions (including players and spectators)
5. Footwork (Transitioning and Drop Step)
6. Always immediately call out loudly and clearly “BALL ON COURT” if a ball comes on your court or your ball goes onto another court
7. If you get the incoming ball, do not bat it with your paddle, pick it up and toss it to a player on the court using that ball
8. If a ball comes toward you or your partner, loudly and immediately say “MINE” or “YOURS”
9. Do not throw paddles
10.Do not strike the ball hard between points. Other players may not realize of what you are doing.

1. Eye safety
2. Water bottle
3. Court Shoes
4. Paddle
5. Ball; indoor and outdoor
6. Net system

1. No Volley Zone (NVZ or kitchen)
2. Serving court areas

Basic skills
1. Grip
2. Ready position
3. Footwork Transitioning and Drop Step
4. Dinking in and around the No Volley Zone (kitchen): across and diagonal
5. Midcourt to kitchen (transition shots)
6. Baseline to kitchen (transition shots)
7. Serving: underhand, no bounce, diagonal, between outside line and center line
8. Ground strokes (deep shots intended to keep opponent in the backcourt)
9. Lobbing
10.Overhead smash

1. Games are typically played to 11 win by 2 (can mention other methods of scoring)
2. Only score points when serving
3. The first number called is the serving team score
4. The second number called is the receiving team score
5. The third number called is who the server is, first server or second server
6. The serving team scores a point, transitions to the second server or side out
7. How the team to start serving is determined

1. The serving and receiving teams get into their positions, in the even (right side) or odd (left side)
2. The serving team calls the score (all 3 numbers) then serves the ball diagonally to the receiving teams even side.
3. The ball must bounce before the receiving team can strike the ball.
4. When the ball is hit back by the receiving team the serving team must allow the ball to bounce before striking the ball.
5. From this point on the players can hit the ball without bouncing as long as they are not in the “kitchen”
6. Play continues until the ball bounces twice before a player is able to hit the ball or until another type of fault occurs such as the ball hitting a player or landing out of bounds.
7. If the fault occurs on the receiving team side a point is added to the serving teams score. If it occurs on the serving team side the second server then becomes the server or a side out occurs and the service goes over to the receiving team.
8. Game ends when a team reaches the designated end score. Play continues beyond the end score only if the difference between the serving and receiving teams scores are not at 2 points in a win by 2 game.
9. Remind players there was a rule change that permits a serve that strikes the net and lands in the legal receiving zone to be a valid serve.
10.Point out that, if there is an interference, such as a ball coming on the court from another court the point should be played over.
11.In or out calls are the responsibility of the team whose side the ball lands. If they have different calls then the ball is assumed “IN”, unless the opposing team saw the call. There are no do overs. The decision is always on the side where the ball lands.

Team Reach
1. Downloading Team Reach will allow you to confirm the schedule of play (dates and times of play) at multiple locations
2. On your Apple or Android phone go to the app section and download the Team Reach application
3. You will need to enter your name, email address and cell phone number This is private information and no one (not even the leaders) have access to this information
4. Next, you will enter the group code for the location(s) you desire to track play Go to # 10 below to find Group Codes for our area..
5. If you click on the calendar (2nd icon from the left top) you will find the play schedule. If you click on a specific date, you will see that it allows you to determine whether there is play or not on that date. You will also see the “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” that allows you to not only register for play, but you will also be able to look at the attendance chart to confirm who is playing and how many are signed up for that specific date and time..

6. Everyone is asked to register your intention to play on Team Reach. Not only will this be helpful for you to determine whether there are sufficient players showing up to play, others will have the same benefit.
7. Cancellation of events will be posted on Team Reach
8. Clinics, tournaments and other functions will be available too
9. Team Reach allows members to post messages (please keep this limited to pickleball related discussions)
10.Other facilities in the Triad Area using Team Reach:
 Davidson County Parks & Rec: NCDAVIDSON100
 City of Lexington – Bingham Park: NCDAVIDSON200
 City of Lexington – City Golf Course courts: NCDAVIDSON201
 City of Thomasville – NCDAVIDSON300
 YWCAWellness Center -301 S Main St. Winston Salem – FORSYTH100 
Jerry Long YMCA – Clemmons – jerrylong
 Joanie Moser Park – Winston Salem – NCFORSYTH001
 High Point Pickleball Club- HP336
 Hartley YMCA– High Point – NCGUILFORD100
 Grubb YMCA – Archdale – NCRANDOLPH100

Next Steps
1. Get needed safety equipment, a paddle and proper footwear
2. Take additional classes/clinics to focus on improving basic skills
3. Have fun and play