Fuels-Removal Program

It is now time for property owners to apply for our annual fuels-removal application to the North Carolina Forestry Service. Your piles of dead wood, brush, and conifers will be removed, at no charge to owners, from lots, either vacant or with homes. Lots with homes should have at least a 200-foot circumference cleared of dead wood and highly flammable evergreens. This will reduce the likelihood of flames spreading to the house itself. That’s a minimum. Ideally, all lots should clear all dead wood. This not only improves your lot’s appearance, but also protects you and your neighbors in the event of a wildfire.

Each owner can apply for removal of up to three piles. A “pile” is defined as the size of a wood cord, 4’ tall, 8’ wide, and 4’ deep. You will need to gather these piles and place them near the road in front of your lot but off the HOA right of way. Once your application is complete and accepted, you will have from now until March 1 to complete your piles. Remember that a pile is a good-sized amount, so please don’t overestimate what you can gather, so we can include everyone who wishes to participate. Applications are first come, first served, and The Springs is limited to requesting 50 piles in total.

In order to apply, you must provide your name, contact phone number, street address, and number of piles requested. You also must submit an e-signed agreement to the fuels-removal program guidelines available on the Documents Download section of The Springs’ website. Make sure you have included all the requirements above, and send your piles request to Bruce Fleming at brucefleming2000@yahoo.com.

Firewise Committee: Bruce Fleming