ARC Tree-Cutting Policy

April 2017

ARC Requirements: Article #17

Few assets of The Springs are as precious to our community as our trees.  It is the general policy of The Springs HOA to preserve as many healthy trees as possible in our community and to encourage the nurturing of new trees, consistent with safety, residential development, and aesthetics.  Except within the building site on individual properties (within 30’ of the main dwelling), no trees of any kind in excess of 6” in diameter at 3 feet above ground level may be removed anywhere on the lot without prior approval of the ARC.  Dead trees may be removed anywhere on the lot, but these must be clearly marked and approved by the ARC prior to cutting. Variances may be requested for reasons such as drainage field, driveway, or siting of wells and septic fields.  The ARC will consider requests to remove a small number of trees (normally less than ten) to enhance the scenic view from the property.  Residents who disagree with the findings of the ARC on any of these issues may appeal their requests to the HOA Board.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, topping of trees will not be authorized.  Nothing in this policy overrides the constraints on lake-front property-owners imposed by the authority governing High Rock Lake and is tributaries.