Annual Meeting September 25, 2021

The annual meeting will be Saturday, September 25, 7:30 PM at the Southmont Fire Station.

Chapter 47F: The North Carolina Planned Community Act requires us to have an annual meeting for the purpose of electing an HOA Board of Directors and passing a new budget if it varies by 15% plus or minus from the previous year’s budget. COVID-19 has made this requirement another challenge for private communities. One option would be to try a virtual (Zoom) meeting, but for this to work smoothly, you need a reliable high-speed internet connection that is not readily available in The Springs. Another option is to schedule the meeting in late spring or early summer with the hope that by then the virus will be under control. Currently, your board is favoring this option.

We will keep you posted with special notices as situations change.
HOA Board of Directors: Curtis Ish