20th Annual Tour de Kale

In 2000, eight people organized a bike ride to benefit their good friend, Kale Watkins, who had a life-altering snow skiing accident. Twenty years later, the TDK has evolved into one of the most respected rides in the southeast.

The Springs has been a vital part of the route, where a small number of brave participants (approximately 100) choose to face the challenge of our “Summit.” There they are greeted at the rest stop we sponsor by our neighborhood that comes together to hand out refreshments and encouragement. Once again, we have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event.

Sadly, this is the final year for the bike ride. Due to the severe decline in the number of road cyclists, the organizers of TDK have decided to look for a different event to replace the ride. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas on the future of TDK via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tdkdenton) or online at www.tourdekale.com.

While the future of TDK is bright, the focus this year is to hold a great ride once again for the participants and to support this year’s beneficiary, Randy Chappell. Randy has struggled with cancer for over 10 years, and it has continued to spread. He has had treatments on and off for several years while continuing to try to work. Randy has been in charge of BBQ (something he is well-known for) at TDK, and has helped countless people with fundraisers over the years. Now is a chance to help him.

This is the last opportunity for our community to be a part of this historical bike ride, so join in on the fun Saturday morning, June 15. If you can give us a hand, call Addie and Esko Nopanen at 336-859-0851 or Rebekah and Jim Kelley at 336-859-3341. If you prefer you can send an email to enopanen@gmail.com.

Addie Nopanen: Tour liaison for The Springs